PDS Reform

October 2014


In September 2014, the government replace three corrupt PDS dealers, based on complaints by SPSS members.

 2 dealers in Amrak Panchayat (Kurhani Block, Muzaffarpur); 1 in Dumri Panchayat (Musahari Block, Muzaffarpur) were removed by the District authorities for malpractice.

The dealers were guilty on two counts: they charged high rates, they delayed delivery of rations.

SPSS members had threatened to strike against the dealers. The dealers dared them to do so.

A verbal complaint was lodged in the district office in July 2014. Within a month and a half, the corrupt dealers were replaced.

This comes close on the heels of the dismissal of other corrupt officials: Panchayat Rozgar Sevaks (NREGA officials) from Ratnauli, Harshankar and Mahant Maniyari Panchayats (all in Ratnauli) have been removed.