Mobile Radio
SPSS sathis pose for the Awaaz de website

SPSS sathis pose for the Awaaz de website

Thanks to the folks at, we have a fully functional mobile radio service which reaches thousands of workers and friends across Panchayats.

Our mobile radio service is the key to disseminating information: we send out messages regarding NREGS — instructions on how to demand work payments of wages, location of worksites, unemployment benefits — the public distribution system (PDS for grains), pensions for the old and the infirm, information on campaigns — rallies, strikes and petitions — being conducted across the district. Click here for a News18 Bihar story on our mobile radio program.

Technology has played a key part in our story, whether it is the internet and the computer to monitor government programmes or the mobile radio to disseminate information.

Given below is a sample of our calls, do listen to them. They will really help you get a flavour of how we reach out to our members.

All these recording were made in Feb-March 2014. All of them are under 2 minutes long.

1. What is SPSS?

This recording, done in the first week of March, explains to (new) listeners the aims and benefits of the Mobile Radio. 

What is SPSS Mobile Radio 03032014

2. What is Pension and why is it important?

This recording, from late February, explains what are the different types of Pensions and how to obtain them

What is Pension and why is it important 28022014

3. How does one demand work automatically?

This pair of recordings explains the need to demand work. The second is particularly interesting, since it speaks of a unique initiative to directly register demand for work for poor labourers under the NREGS using computers. 

Demand work 23022014 Demand work directly from BMW 17022014

4. Struggles for work under the NREGS.

This final recording is a troubling one: it explains what battles remain to be fought in ensuring people get work on demand and on time. 

Struggles in Muzaffarpur for work 15022014

For an incredible recording of the benefits of the Mobile Radio in Sanjay’s own voice, click here