Computer Training
Students at the Computer Training Centre in Mahant Maniyari

Students at the Computer Training Centre in Mahant Maniyari

SPSS, alongside CIRC, organizes computer awareness and training classes for children across villages within and outside the Panchayat!

The classes are a big hit with many students arriving throughout the day to study, learn and understand the ways to use the computer and the internet.

The internet has always been central to the working of SPSS. Our journey began with a chance encounter with the internet where we discovered fraud worth lakhs in the online records entered for Ratnauli Panchayat on the NREGS website in August 2011. Since then, our mission has been to increase awareness, purge corruption and allow citizen to access what is rightfully theirs.

We continue to monitor the NREGS situation across our many Panchayats using the data being entered online on the NREGS website. Simply by looking at the various numbers, we can tell if there is corruption or not, since we know the actuality in the villages where we have a presence.

We guarantee 100 per cent corruption-free functioning in the Panchayats we have been working for a long time.