Come, join us!

Despite its considerable presence, SPSS is still a very young organization and could definitely do with more hands. We would love nothing more than you spending your time helping us out by visiting us in our headquarters at Ratnauli, but, if traveling is a concern, you could help remotely too, via email and phone.

What do we need most help on?

First, we need to work on written documentation. Here, there are many potential ways to help:

Our story, though famous in these parts and in some circles across the country, is yet to be told in all its richness. We need someone to chronicle our past in a clearer manner, perhaps focusing on one or two key incidents and conduct interviews to better understand the transformative process SPSS has initiated.

We feel we’ve learnt a lot in these years, we have developed our own style of functioning — the SPSS “model” of development, if you will. We haven’t yet had the time to record these learnings, to flesh out our ideas, to coherently structure our basic methods. This is not mere chronicling of our past, but using the past as a spring-board for a detailed analysis of our ideas.

We are constantly working on new schemes, having recently turned our gaze towards the PDS and Pension payments. Every day is a new experience, presenting new challenges and new solutions — some of our documentation, therefore, needn’t be “reflective” but anchored in the present. Perhaps, you could help by maintaining a live journal during your stay here.

Second, we need help in accounting for expenses. Currently, the entire system is manual via vouchers and hand-written bills. We would like nothing better than to make this process electronic, so that it will not only systematize our documentation of expenditure, but also help us analyse trends in spending and keep track of money.

Third, we need visual documentation too: photo-essays, documentary-videos, short-films. If you have done such work before, we would highly encourage you to visit our blocks and watch us go about our work. We promise you that you will find much to capture and learn from!

Give us your time and we’ll give you the time of your life!

If you are interested, write us an email at sharanidli(at)gmail(dot)com or send in Feedback here.