Small is Beautiful Campaign

Women Activists of SPSS.

Women Activists of SPSS.

हर आदमी अपने आप  में एक एक्टिविस्ट है

Every individual is an independent activist.

Our new model of mobilization and development is captured by our belief that every person is an independent activist. In keeping with this, we have decided to focus on smaller and more decentralized units, moving from the Panchayat to villages to, now, the wards. Eventually, we hope to organically arrive at a scenario where every person can function independently.

What do we mean by ward-level mobilization?

  • On an average, we have about 5000 persons in each Panchayat.
  • Usually, at this level, people tend to free-ride – always hoping for someone else to take up the cudgels on their behalf. Even when such a leader or person is found, the population is too large for these leader-activists to handle.
  • By decentralizing to the ward level, we allow people to function in smaller teams, thereby reducing their tendency to depend on others. People tend to take ownership of their teams, since these groups constitute members who are often close, bound by family or community-solidarity.
  • So, the system is essentially self-financing – ward teams collect money from themselves and fund their activities.
  • Our ideology and model extends beyond mere schemes – these ward-level teams are not restricted to working only on state-funded schemes, but in solving any of the issues that arise within these wards. We believe – and indeed, shown – that individuals can be motivated and trained to look out for themselves: the idea is to spread this message and training across villages in the country.

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