Very Useful NREGA assets

A very, very common criticism about the NREGS is that the work done under the scheme is useless. Usually, it is said, NREGS works are just another way of getting people to dig ditches and fill them in.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Here, below, are some pictures of NREGS works in our Panchayat — roads, canals and tree-plantation programmes. All of these extremely useful to our villagers and these are great examples of community constructed public-goods.


1. A ditch used to prevent flooding of water.

Ditch to prevent flooding of water

What: We make canals such as these to prevent water from flooding and allow the water to go to sea.

Where: Ratnauli village.

How many labourers: 250.

When: November 2013.

2.  Road Flanking

Road expansion under the NREGS

What: Road narrows because of various natural causes — rains, flooding. We used NREGA labourers to expand the road.

Where: Ratnauli village.

How many labourers: About 200.

When: June 2012.

3. Inter-village road

Road connecting two villages

What: Road connecting two villages: all vehicles can travel on it.

Where: Ratnauli to Sarmastha.

How many labourers: 150

When: December 2013.

4. Bridge to let water pass

A small bridge to let water pass under
A small bridge to let water pass under

What: A small bridge used to allow water to pass from below and let persons and vehicles to travel safely.

Where: Ratnauli Villagers

How many labourers: 20

When: 2011.

5. Social Forestry

Tree plantation for shade and clean air

What: Trees planted beside and looked after and tended to by our mazdoors. Trees keep the environment clean.

Where: Sarmastha

How many labourers: 400

When: 2011-2014.



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